Welcome to Quest Town
Your Gateway to Living in Japan!

Quest Town is proudly presented by Arcone Corporation, headquartered in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, Japan. As part of our inbound support services, we offer this app under our service brand, “YURITEQ JAPAN.”

At YURITEQ JAPAN, we also operate several other websites designed to assist foreigners in experiencing the best of Japan:

    • TabiPocket: https://tabipocket.com/
      • This website introduces trial tours planned by various Japanese local governments and tourism associations, specifically targeting foreign visitors. Given the limited number of trial tours currently available, we focus on recommending general tours that we believe will enrich your experience in Japan.
      • Alongside, we offer the TabiPocket app, providing extensive information for these trial tours.
    • Jweather: https://jweather.net/
      • Understanding the weather in Japan, especially for newcomers, can be challenging due to the distinct four seasons. Jweather provides detailed weather information for over 100 key locations, including major airports and train stations, across Japan. Additionally, we offer recommendations for appropriate attire at these locations.
    • Ohamon: https://ohamon.net/
      • Japan is home to numerous stunning flower fields. Ohamon showcases over 100 of Japan’s most iconic flower fields, complete with beautiful imagery and detailed information to guide your exploration.
    • Kiku-anone: https://kiku-anone.com/
      • We also operate an interactive website for Thai people who have started learning Japanese, where they can learn about Japanese language and culture by interacting with Japanese natives and others who are knowledgeable about the Japanese language.

About Us

Business Name Yuriteq Japan (Yuriteq Japan Office)
Established October 2018
Representative Yasuhiro Hayashi
Office 1-3-11 Takaoakadai, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, 513-0019
Homepage https://yuriteq.com/
FAX +81-59-346-7506
E-mail info@yuriteq.com
Main Business Localization, Translation, Research
Legal Advisor Hokusei Sogo Law Office